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Why Electric Mobility in Europe is the most Convenient source of transport?

Electric Scooter

Trend Electric Mobility 2019

With the regulations about emission tightening in the world, the eye has shifted towards electrification targets. Though the transition from the cars and bikes may take considerable time, it does not seem to be really far when there will be an electric scooter in Europe increased in numbers.

The year 2018 already showed a sales drop in motorcycles and scooters to 6.1%. This decline in sales numbers is attributed to the mopeds and smaller scooters that are below 50cc. Now there is a drop of mopeds and small scooters to 40.2% in 2018.

The biggest fact causing the drop is due to the jump in the sales of Electric Scooter.


  • The positives of Electric scooter cannot be ignored. The electric scooters are awesome to get around. It actually does not need a big time to practice or learn to figure out the way of riding it safely.
  • Yes, you can be happy now that it does not require a licence as you need one to drive a car or a motorcycle.
  • Best of all is you need not to pay for insurance or gas. Thus, it means no unwanted expense and affordability is ensured.
  • E-scooter resolves the last mile commute issues without sweat or worries that your vehicle will get stolen.
  • Travelling to office or school has become peaceful. Besides being easy to use, it is easy on the wallet as well.

Why is it convenient to transport?

Riders find this Self-Balancing Chopper scooter world as the most convenient transport solution to cover the last-mile transit types to get from work or home to the metro or train. The speed is just around 15mph and these are a fun and fast way of getting around.

These electric bikes are faster than walking. They need very little effort than balancing. It is convenient as there is no need of hunching over and pedalling. It is safer if you are in control and proficient in handling your e-scooter as the gravity is low and dismounting easily from it is possible.

Keeping to low speed, they are easily manageable in the scooter world. They are movable at pedestrians pace. They also conserve your personal energy, besides the agility in navigating and balancing is rewarding and fun.

Pros and cons

  • Ease of use: Charging is enough for this electric scooter to take you on a ride. Lasts for short commutes. No special training required and so can be used by all.
  • Quiet: The electric scooters are noiseless and so ensure a quiet move.
  • Economically helpful: With the daily increasing fuel prices, it is helpful.
  • Less maintenance: But for charging, there is nothing else required and so it will last for years to come.
  • Commute faster: With the vehicles changing gears taking time, you can commute faster.


  • Charging: This is a lengthy process taking around 8 to 10 hours of charging to cover small distances.
  • Theft: It is in good demand now and the Folding electric scooter is now to be lifted and carried over.


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