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The Product Warranty in Online shopping process is questionable no matter you buy from Europe or China

Online shopping Store

Would you like to have the Online product with the warranty?

Definitely, the answer is ‘YES’ every buyer loves to protect the product in shopping process but in reality most of the time they live in Grey Area, where big brand manufacturer distributor and Seller gives the product warranty but it will become useless when the time comes to claim.

Mostly we need a warranty on the electronic product because the primary reason is its most vulnerable products and easy can damage during in transit or by manufactured default occurs in the quality control process and warranty always protect the buyer from in this hypothetical situation, in terms of replacing the product or return the money to the buyer.   

Building a Trust Flow, Money Protection, and Brand Equity

These three are the basic fundamentals of every business if you live in Europe, then definitely you must be thinking about consumer protection law but in several time and scenario it would be  worthless, for example;

Scenario A:

If you buy online electronic device in Europe such as ( Mobile phone, Appliances, TV, Home theatre etc) from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and other big giants e-commerce store in which millions of sellers are selling their products after they sell within a few months the sellers would be disappears / block / leave the portal, and in that scenario you are unable to claim product warranty.

Scenario B:

If you are buying from China it would be riskier because there is a 90 % chance that you wouldn’t escalate the claim or warranty after a few months of buying.

There are always remaining the certain possibilities for risk to be unprotected in this large blue ocean of the online shopping destiny.

Here I am going to provide you with some steps to choose your electronic online shopping good decision towards the product warranty and always be protected yourself through these websites before you get an innocent victim.

Always Prefer to Buy Direct From Manufacturer/Distributor

Certainly, they are not an answer to everything. The key feature of a website generator lies in universality. In principle, they should meet the requirements and expectations of the majority. When it comes to situations when you require something special or unique, this isn’t the option for you. What’s more, often the builders fail to provide all the essential stuff free. 

If you are going to buy from Amazon then you should be bought directly from Amazon Prime products which mean they have full authority to delivered it and satisfied the buyer need after they sell it or if your product has warranty then they are responsible for claiming or replacing.

But if you buy from amazon seller then it would be risky in after few month if you would face problem in your electronic devices.   The same applies on eBay, Fnac, and other online stores.

It is always preferred to go and buy electronics only from authorized dealer or distributor of the product because they will provide a valid warranty which is worth full at the time of claiming and you should be avoided to buy expensive products from the seller in online shopping websites.

Relationships get better with time and Products Warranty can build it Longer and Strong

Farrukh Khurshid / CEO Nuevotix

Importance of online websites

In this digital market, when you are going to the purchase any product, everyone prefer to visit its official websites to check the product or model specification, price range, warranty, deals, and quality therefore almost every product have their own online official websites for their customers.

Big brand companies in Europe also develop their official/ authorized distributor websites too, through which customer can directly purchase their product without any difficulty and take 100% valid and worth full warranty. These websites are cost effectives, easy to access, wider reach, convenient.

A question must be raise in your mind that who is the authorized dealer in Europe for electronics products so I’m here to give you the answer that Nuevotix is the authorized dealer in Europe for most of the brands.

What does big online websites do?

In biggest online stores like ebay, amazon etc in Europe everyone can easily registered itself as seller for the shorter period of time, and its after sale service is almost zero which is not reliable or trust worthy.

What Nuevotix offer after Sales Services

After sale the product, No one can provide you the after sale services in online shopping websites but Nuevotix do:

  • Full refund in case your order is not delivered or it does not reach you at the promised date by the distributor. They offer 100% buyer protection.
  • Partial or full refund in case the item differs from the description. Of course, buyers must check the return policy.

Continuous support

Nuevotix guarantees all original products that the consumers are sure of receiving after sales service as per the product description. Thus, the communication solution is always hassle-free. There is online support 24/7 from Nuevotix and they also ensure warranty claim, if there is a genuine flaw.

It is imperative to have a website for every business. The more professional it is more you enjoy the advantages. You can check our service pages and let us know your thoughts through comments.

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